General FAQs

Who are you? A socially inept kid with too much free time! I have trouble making friends, so I have a lot of time to do, uh... Not friends? Part of my free time is making art, or making this website look visually interesting! Note that I didn't say appealing.

Why should I give you money? Because I want to own a copy of Flingsmash.

What does the money go towards? A copy of Flingsmash. And Super Sonico figures.

What do I get out of this?The knowledge of knowing you put me one step closer to owning Flingsmash.

What is Flingsmash? Take this.

Can you be serious for one second? Unfortunately not! If I see an oppertunity to goof off, I generally take it. Even if no one gets the joke. (Hence Flingsmash.) I'm genuinely sorry about this. I hope y'all can see past this! ;v;

Alright, you convinced me. I like you and your art. But I don't like the characters. When do you put out more designs?That sucks! I try to only do cool characters that are neat, but if you don't dig the designs, that's cool! I'll update every month or so where I'll add a couple new designs at a time, and I'll make a Neocities comment about it. Either follow the site, or check the Updates page occasionally to stay up to date! I'll eventually have social media sites to keep you updated, though!

Where are teh site assets from? I do not always know the answer to this! Ones made by me will show it quite obviously, but anything else, send me a message, or reverse image search! In the odd instance you made the asset and you want it gone, let me know! Soon enough, I'll have a Links page up where you can choose where to conatct me about it!

I want to buy your crap, but there is no clear way to do this! Email or PM me! Nothing is up yet, so the best way to get through this is to directly contact me!

Wait, hold up! Who's C04X14l/Cheese/etc.? Are there any other site owners I should know about? Nope! They're all me, but with different usernames! It's just fun to have different names is all. I'm weird.

What's with the AD banners? Aesthetics, man. StickerMule is an affiliate link (please use it) and the iMood one just looks cool. I kinda want that old internet banner-ad look, y'know? Whatever happened to LowerMyBills? Might add some of those if I can find 'em.

WHAT is UP with this tacky web design?? Did no one tell you Comic Sans is really bad and KidPix should be avoided at all costs??? Those are bad! But when used tactifully, they can create a comforting, nostalgic feel! We all wish we could go back in time to a certain point in our lives, and some people long for the Old Web, like MySpace or Geocities! (Hence Neocities!) If you decide you like it, I can reccommend more cool sites, or check out my following page! (I follow some really neat people!)

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