434's Commissions!!

It's nice to see you! You have landed on my page for commissions! Stay a while. Maybe buy some art while you're here?

Commissions are more or less listed from smallest to largest. I ask that customers don't buy too many at once, such as please don't order 5 full illustrations at once, but who am I to stop you? I like money more than my sanity!

If you want to find something fast, use Ctrl+F to get there!

The Main Attraction!



It can be however you want, including a simple background. The style may vary with this option of commission, so be warned!



I literally never draw these. (Hence the lack of examples.) But it would literally just be a headshot but slightly nicer.



A chibi!

Pagedoll/Pixel Art


Halfway There!


More or less half a character. Can be from the thighs up, waist up, just... halfway.

The Full Bod!


Exactly what it sounds like. A full view of the character at hand!

A Big Ol' Illustration


This is $30 because I hate doing them. If you order, please be extremely specific with what you want. I, for one, would not like artistsic freedom with this category! Or any of them! Use your words, man, tell me exactly what you want or else it will be borning and generic!


How much does it cost...? Who knows.........

This is a placeholder to tell you that you can order somethinge extremely specific that wasn't listed! Just ask and I'll give you an estimate!

Commission Info

So you think you want DLC?

All commissions come with shading+shines by default. So don't worry about that! If you don't want all that, just let me know and I'll charge accordingly.

For $2, add a simple background to any commission! This includes giving me a pre-existing background to touch up and add to the commission! Usually with this category, I'll use a color sometimes with a gradient, and I'll clip a texture to it or add some sparkles.

For $6, add a complex background to any smaller commission! (Half-body and full-body artwork is not applicable, as it would then be considered a full illustration. See "A Big Ol' Illustration".)

Extra characters are an additional 50% of the price of the commission! (Including DLC!)

Discounts and Current Sales!

Nothing, right now...

*Not combinable with other offers.

Terms of Service/Not-so FAQs

I Will Not Draw Things I like to draw!

Other Things To Note

After you give me all the details of the commission, I'll give you a price estimate!

My turnaround time is whenever it gets done! (This is because of classwork, work, and other outside factors out of my control. I can't guarentee an end date, unless you pay a lot extra for "rush delivery".) Also, it's the holiday season! So, please be mindful of that, because I get REALLY busy around these times, but I'll try my best!!

I have every right to decline a commission without given reason! (Though I usually would give reason!)(And I usually don't decline commissions! Again, I like money!)

If you're ordering fanart, I have every right to use it for makin' merchandise!

If you commission me and I like how it turns out, I might use it for examples in the future! If you're not cool with this, let me know and I won't use it!

If you read all this and do commission me, say "Scrimmy Bingus" in your order somewhere! Just so I know you are aware of all this.

Unless I know you personally, I ask for 50% up front. This is just to prevent scams or in case something goes wrong on one of our sides. If I can't complete the commission, you will get that 50% back, don't worry!

Until the commission is fully paid for, I will send an obtrusively watermarked file of the finished piece for you to look over and deem worthy! After you confirm it and pay, I'll send the final to you!

For pieces I used a filter on, I'll generally send a version with and without filters! Just in case you don't liek it, y'know? (Exception is if the filter is an integral part of the piece.)

Are art trades available? Of course. Just ask!

Is NSFW available? Yes! But I don't draw it often at all, so... Just be warned it might not be good. In fact, it almost certainly won't be good. You should probably go to another artist for this. Sorry.

How do I contact you? Honestly, just yell out your window until I show up. Jk. Not really. It's C04X14L#4909!

GOD, your art sucks! I want a refund! Sorry to hear that! If you're unhappy with the commission, I don't do refunds or replacements, but you don't have to pay the second half of the commission! I also will fix (within reason) anything wrong with the finished piece! (Within reason: I won't redraw the whole thing, but I will try to right my wrongs!)

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